Cino (hcjordan) wrote in va_commonwealth,

Astroturf for Sale

Is anyone interested in buying massive quantities of astroturf?

The Richmond Coliseum used to host arena football games, but does so no longer. As such, we have massive quantities of green astroturf we're looking to unload. The rolls of astroturf may have velcro going down the sides, which was used to secure the pieces to each other. These may have white markings on them as you see on any football field. The rubbery backing of the astroturf is probably about half an inch thick. We may have the whole 50 yard field's worth of turf around somewhere, but we definitely have four rolls which I'm guessing are about four feet wide by twenty feet long. If we still have the whole field to get rid of, that would be at least ten rolls, about fifteen feet wide by fifty feet long. I'll check to make sure of size and state next time I go in. Do keep in mind that this astroturf was actually used for real games, and we didn't make it a habit to scrub it clean enough to eat off of. As such, depending on your use, you may want to wash it well before use.

This is all going to go to the best reasonable offer(s). No, you don't have to buy it all, but we'll probably sell by the foot to make it easier. No, we can't deliver it to you, you would have to pick it up at the Coliseum.

Respond here or drop me a line:

I kind of want to buy it up myself, but I'm not sure what I'd do with it . . . maybe carpet a room with it. I'm curious about what ideas everyone else has.

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I looked more closely at the rolls last night. We have four rolls of turf which are about 5-7 feet wide and 15-20 feet long. I still don't know about the rest of the 50 yards of field. These four rolls are probably unmarked. I unrolled one last night to eyeball the measurements and it had no printed marks. There seemed to be a small spill of something on it, but it's probably washable. Poking around online, it looks like comparable astroturf of comparably sized rolls would probably go for at least $500, but we're not looking for anywhere near that much.
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